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Relentless Family, welcome to the 2024ORCE Relentless Fast. This year we are taking life by force intentionally. Just as Jesus did, when His time had come to live out the purpose that God had predestined Him for, so must we. Many of you joined us at the end of 2023 for "Finish Strong, Focus Forward" With specific intentional prayer we petitioned God on behalf of our city, region, nation, and the World. We are taking that same vigor and intensity into every area of our lives for 2024. We will see more commitment to God and His purpose, more prayer, more power, and more focus, while doing all things in excellence as unto the Lord, according to His will and purpose for our lives. We will be intentional in the areas of spiritual disciplines; purposed prayer, reading and studying the word of God, being in fellowship with like-minded believers as well as seeking to reach the lost and showing them the way to Christ. We won’t stop there for many of us God has made promises, given visions, and set goals before us and we will be bold about going after them in 2024!


Lord we are thanking you already for 2024. This year will be like nothing we have ever seen before. We thank You in advance for directing everything in our life to Your will and anything that hinders us from completing the assignment that You have for our life we ask that You show us, uproot it, and plant something in its place.  We thank You for teaching us how to do things Your way this year. We will not stand in the way of what You want to do through us. We bless You; we praise You; we thank You in Jesus’s name, Amen.

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